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Best eWallets and pre-pay cards for gambling sites

When you go online to gamble, financial security is critical. Your choice of payment method needs some thought. Fraud protection as well as fast transactions are important considerations. The use of eWallets and pre-pay cards can help you in this area. Let’s look at three excellent and safe choices.


Paysafecard was set up in 2000 in Vienna, making its way to the UK six years later. It’s now used in over 40 countries and continues to grow in popularity. The card can have funds placed onto it by purchasing a voucher from the many approved retailers. Then with your funds in place, you can use your Paysafecard to transfer money into other accounts.

A Paysafecard is a great payment method for use at online gambling sites. There are now a large number of Paysafecard Casinos, and it is a good idea to seek out sites that accept it as a deposit option.

There are several advantages of using a Paysafecard. With it being a pre-paid service, the chance of spending more than you have is eliminated which means it will help you to budget your spend.  It is also a safe and speedy payment method. When depositing into an online casino, you do not need to submit personal or financial details, instead just a 16-figure PIN code.

One disadvantage is that the Paysafecard is only used for making deposits into your account. You can put money yourself onto the card via those retailers but can’t receive funds back from the online casino. This is only a minor drawback, and the answer is to have more than one payment method in use. The two payment methods below are both ideal for use at online casinos.


PayPal is one payment method you can safely use on gambling sites. The number of sites that allow PayPal keeps on increasing. Why is this the case? Well, lots of people already have a PayPal account, and the transactions are safe and secure.

All that is needed for a PayPal transaction to take place is the email address that you use. No other personal information is necessary, so if there is a security breach, the fraudsters won’t have much luck in getting hold of your details.

Another big bonus with PayPal is the speed of the transaction. When you make a deposit, it will be in your account almost instantly. The same applies more importantly with withdrawals. That cash you’ve just won will be in your account right away, better than waiting a few days as you would with a debit card.


It is a similar situation if you decide to use Skrill as your payment method. Skrill was previously known as Moneybookers and is now widely used for online casino money transfers.

Opening a Skrill account is an easy task. Just enter your personal details, and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Payment can then be made into your new account, and away you go.

Again, it is easy to use this method to make deposits and withdrawals. Speed is again of the essence, so this can ease any cash flow problems. The service is also free, which is always a plus point.

The use of Skrill is again very safe and will protect your cash. Anonymous payments are the worst enemy of fraudsters. One of the only drawbacks is that several online gambling sites don’t include Skrill deposits in welcome packages. In which case you will have to use another accepted payment method for your first transaction, and then use Skrill for other future payments.

Away debit and credit cards, these are three of the best deposit options for an online casino account. Have fun, and always gamble responsibly.

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