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Four Things You Need To Know About Car Parks In 2021

As a business owner, you are going to have to prepare for one of the biggest shifts in customer buying habits that have ever been experienced before. At this moment, most of the purchases are being done online but as we see the reopening of businesses we are going to experience a new hybrid of both offline and online sales. It’s a new landscape that we are all going to have to rapidly adapt to if we stand a chance of bouncing back from the strains caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

By now is likely that you have already learnt to operate online, with the pandemic forcing the closure of thousands of stores across a wide range of industries its a case of businesses needing to adapt to survive. As we see the stores reopen and the restrictions ease, you need to have your work premise ready for this return and ready to catch this new opportunity. To make the most of this opportunity you must invest in new methods to attract new and existing customers back into the store. 

One of the first places to start will be the additional safety measures, once these have been implemented its time to start looking at a business plan for the rest of the year. A tried and tested solution for businesses looking to generate new business is the creation of a safe location for customers to park vehicles. In this article, we will be discussing some of the main things you need to know before considering going ahead with this type of investment. 

Taking The Security of Your Business To The Next Level

A car park won’t revitalise the security of your work premise by itself, but with the assistance of CCTV systems and automated barriers, you can ensure that every vehicle which visits your premise is kept safe at all times. A car park gives you a secure location which you can monitor around the clock to avoid any criminal activities. When people visit your store it provides total peace of mind to know that they don’t need to worry about their vehicle is at risk of damage or break-in. 

Increasing Business Footrtaffic Through Convenience 

If your business is located in a built-up area surrounded by other shops, a car park can be an incredible new source of foot traffic to the area. By providing people with a convenient place to park their car when popping into the store your increase the attractiveness of the shopping experience. Nobody wants to spend 10/15 minutes looking around for a space to park on the roads nearby, they want somewhere they can pull in and walk away knowing that the store is only seconds away. 

Better Understanding Your Customer Demographics

Providing customers with the ability to pay for parking by their phone is a great option for convenience. Additionally, when you use a parking app or online payment portal you have the option to capture an email address and some basic information about the visiting customer. This can then become a great benchmark to the demographic of customers you are driving and also offering you the operativity to target these customers with an email campaign that can bring them back into the influence of the business.  

Getting Your Brand Noticed In The Local Community 

Parking can be one of the best forms of advertisement. Often when people talk about a location to park they will associate the parking space with the closest store as a reference point. This creates an incredible opportunity for fo business owners who are looking to improve their awareness within the local community and improving their brand image. 

We hope that you have found this article has better informed you of how new car park helps kickstart a successful return back to the workplace. If you ready to take the steps make sure that you speak to a local contractor to arrange car park surfacing in London

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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