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How To Market An Accountancy Firm

Accountancy firms across the world are benefiting from utilising technology for their marketing efforts through digital platforms and business websites. Whilst for many years traditional tactics such as word-of-mouth, local enquiries and long-lasting clients have maintained a steady income for accountancy firms, businesses are on the hunt to reach a much wider audience beyond the long standing customers. By implementing a digital marketing strategy as an accountancy, you have the ability to showcase your services for relevant search queries, boost brand awareness through content and social media marketing, and generate a huge amount of high-quality leads. 

Five Marketing Solutions For Accountancy Firms


SEO (search engine optimisation) is the action of incorporating various elements on your website in order to rank highly in search results. This will make your website more visible for relevant search queries entered, ensuring you are appearing in front of the right audience. Investing in digital marketing is essential in tackling this, and we know of an SEO agency in Bristol specialising in all marketing solutions for accountancies. The main factors which influence your rating include use of keywords, link building, content marketing, website design and user-experience. Local SEO can also be highly effective in getting your business seen, as most accountancy firms will have a physical location. This means that when people enter search queries such as ‘accountancy firm near me’, you can appear in the 3-pack at the top of the search results page; which is responsible for 50% of clicks!

Website Design

View your website as you would your physical office, when people first step through the door they don’t want clutter, an empty space and no clear direction. People are looking for a professional setting, clear direction of how to navigate through, and a set of services to choose from. When building your accountancy website, list your services clearly on the homepage, communicate your unique brand ethos to connect with visitors, and make sure to include testimonials to build trust with potential clients.

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Social Media Marketing

Most businesses and individuals are making use of at least one social media platform, making this a great way to connect with people. Inbound marketing allows you to build valuable relationships through sharing insightful content with clients and potential prospects, which then has the ability to be shared further in front of an even wider audience. By making use of social platforms you can also communicate directly with individuals engaging with your posts, and gather data on what performs best for further development.

Blog Writing

As previously mentioned, use of keywords has major impacts on your Google rankings. Creating a blog page where you are able to incorporate keywords targeted at the accountancy sector is the most effective way in making use of these search terms, whilst creating a page to write engaging regular content for visitors. Here you can also direct focus on local keywords to boost your firm’s local SEO, write case studies for credentials, and create valuable content providing tips and up-to-date information for visitors.

Email Newsletter

Email marketing for accountancy firms is a great way to maintain connections with current clients and pull in new ones. You can initially gather a list of emails on records for people you already work for, whilst creating lead magnets on social media platforms to find new potential clients. Through your newsletter you can then both promote your services whilst sharing insightful content that readers will be excited to open. This will help strengthen relationships as people will value that you care about sharing stories and advice with them, and also boost sales through subtle CTAs (call to actions).

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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