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Staying Tobacco-Free After You Quit

Whether you had spent a lot of time making a decision or went mad thinking about it, you did the best. Now, you no longer use tobacco or smoke. This is not a simple thing to do. Smoking is like an addiction. Even if your mind is set to quit, your brain and body keep on coming back and asking to take it again. 

The addiction is because of Nicotine, which is a drug that tobacco contains. Cigarettes are legal; still, many people are addicted to Nicotine than any other form of the drug. And it has even been found in the research that it is like a habit of consuming alcohol, heroin, and cocaine.

But now as you no longer take it, how to stay the same way? You might have heard a lot how difficult it can be to stay away for good, and how many of them get back to it again. This is usually because they think that cigarettes are the only thing that can relieve them from stress. 

Why is it so difficult to quit?

Nicotine is an addiction and the body gets used to it. Without the number of drugs in your body, you start feeling unpleasant and cravings, which is commonly known as withdrawal.

The withdrawals of Nicotine are both physical and mental. It is essential to know that while symptoms can make you feel uncomfortable, they will not take your life, and the time will pass. If you’ll be ready for them, it will help to deal with the feelings and avoid relapse. 

Other than the physical, the mental part can be difficult for most smokers to deal with. This is because you might connect cigarettes with your daily tasks such as drinking coffee, eating, and even getting out of bed. 

It needs time and effort to break the habits so you no longer feel like smoking while doing daily tasks. 

Tips for staying tobacco-free

You can remain the same; it just takes hard work and diligence.  

  • Keep your mouth busy

Try chewing tobacco alternatives, fruits, gum, or vegetables so you always get the feeling of something in your mouth.

  • Develop new routines and habits

If you used to smoke at the time of coffee, switch to juice or water. If you used to light-up during lunchtime, ask for something else from your co-workers.

  • Keep moving

The exercise will not only help you to keep your weight in check, but you’ll also stay busy. If you don’t like the gym, start walking or jogging. It will tone your muscles and burn calories. 

  • Breathe in and stay calm

One reason why you used to feel calm while smoking is because you are forced to inhale inside deeply. It is better to inhale the fresh and clean air when you feel cravings.

  • Utilize your time

Find something that will keep you busy and your mind engaged. Gardening, cleaning, music, or any other hobby that you like, get yourself to indulge in them.

Relapses can happen but this is not the end. Most people try quitting it several times before permanently kicking it out. You don’t need to worry, just try the tips and stay confident.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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