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ASIN and SKU on Amazon: What’s the difference

Specific Amazon terms: ASIN, SKU, and others

Amazon is one of the largest trading platforms globally, with huge sales volumes. It is the most reputable online marketplace in the US. That’s why so many stores (wholesale and retail) are trying to increase their sales by registering accounts on Amazon. However, they may face certain difficulties at the start since Amazon has many specific terms (ASIN Amazon, SKU, FNSKU, and many others) that can be confusing to novice sellers. If you understand their meaning, you can significantly simplify the work with the online platform.

The nuances of selling on Amazon

Many people wonder why the Amazon marketplace is so popular among third-party sellers and its secret. One of the most apparent reasons is the Amazon FBA program. This program allows sellers to fulfill orders both from their warehouses and from Amazon warehouses. In the second option, Amazon does all the work that helps sellers to focus on business development instead of handling administrative routines.

The scheme of delivering products on Amazon FBA warehouses is pretty simple. First, the Pos system generates an FNSKU number for each seller. It’s a physical barcode that must be placed on the seller’s products before shipping them to Amazon so that the system can correctly identify them. The FNSKU bases on the unique product’s SKU (stock keeping unit). Its properties are similar to the universal product code UPC but are used exclusively within Amazon.

There’s another option for identifying products on Amazon – GTIN (global trade item number). This code is generated based on international GS1 codes. With its help, sellers can list their products on the international Amazon marketplaces over the world. It is also a physical barcode that is placed directly on the item.

Such an inventory management system allows stores to process orders many times faster and improve the service of the entire trading platform. As a result, more and more buyers choose Amazon as their selling platform.

What is an ASIN Amazon? 

Many sellers who visit Amazon for the first time are wondering what’s an ASIN?

ASIN is an abbreviation that stands for Amazon standard identification number. ASIN meaning is a product listing’s number in the catalog. So, retail stores can specialize in various goods, and each of its products will have its ASIN. For example, if a store sells TVs, headphones, and smartphones from different companies, every part of the seller’s catalog will have one unique ASIN.

The system itself generates it. It consists of 10 letters and numbers. You can find ASIN directly on the listing’s page and in the page’s URL.

What does ASIN stand for? First of all, unique identifiers are needed to simplify the search for goods in the system and niche analysis. For example, Amazon can analyze which listings are most successful, and based on the data obtained, adjust the marketing strategy.

As you can see, the existing ASIN is a handy thing, both for buyers and sellers and for the system itself. Therefore, make sure that all your listings have it.

What is an SKU number?

The next question that often arises among Amazon users is: what is an SKU number?

SKU (or Stock keeping unit) – unique position number in your inventory. If a store has several TVs in the catalog from different manufacturers, then it is advisable to create an SKU for each model. It allows you to understand which model is more popular and which products require additional advertising or have no sales at all.

Every seasoned Amazon seller knows that analyzing metrics can help develop a business exponentially.

Amazon SKU also makes the system easier for shoppers. For example, if they found a suitable product but decided to postpone its purchase, they would find it again using this code. All product details and descriptions assign to it. 

As you can see,  seller SKU Amazon allows you to handle many organizational issues, which is especially important when there are billions of goods in the catalog of the trading platform.

By understanding all the specific terms, you can better understand how the trading platform works and learn more about its advantages. This knowledge and Amazon feedback software allow you to develop your business at the same time faster.

Final thoughts

ASIN – a unique number that Amazon gives to all products, mainly in the interests of Amazon.

FNSKU – a unique code that links a product and a seller. Amazon sellers must use FNSKU labels on the packaging of every product they send to the Amazon warehouse. However, if you choose the commingled storage option, you don’t need an FNSKU.

SKU – it’s a unique code that mostly helps the FBA sellers. It means a code or description that sellers assign to their products to help manage the inventory and keep track of products.

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