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Lead generation strategies for high ROI

When you don’t have leads, then your business is on the verge of failing. These are qualified prospects that have the potential of becoming customers and your brand ambassadors if you have the right strategies.

Successful brands have many goals, but the most significant percentage will always be toward lead generation. As a business person, you may have several channels to drive leads, but you may have to change tack if they’re not yielding results.

Again, you may be taking lots of time and spending money to create content that can attract the leads, but that still is not yielding any results, then you must be a discouraged marketer.

The question you need to answer here is; what does your potential customer want? If you can answer that question, and tie it to a high-converting page, then you can be sure of leads coming your way.

Remember, it’s easier to generate your leads if you focus your attention on syncing your landing page with various other marketing channels.

Here are a top lead generation tips for any business

  1. It all begins at home- the home page

Every marketer will tell you that their home page receives the most visits. Of course, not for those who get their sites running and sit to wait. But if you’re an aggressive marketer actively promoting your site, then your home page must be getting visitors from search engines, social media sites, and other referring sites.

If you already have views on your home page, don’t you think you can apply the same strategy for all other pages and generate leads?

If you want to experience tremendous growth in your led generation efforts, then think about reviewing and adjusting your home page to generate more leads.

When it comes to home page optimization, it’s about “judging a book by its cover.” Most of the site visitors will land on the home page. The experience that they get at that first encounter will determine whether they will convert or not. The majority of the inbound traffic is directed here, and therefore, you’ve to make sure they have the best impression.

What do you do with your homepage for better leads?

  • Determine the primary homepage goals

What are the purposes and goals? What is it you want the page to accomplish? How do you achieve the goals? 

How do you measure the goals?

Answering the above questions will help you get to the core of your home page goals. If you want to educate your visitors through the page, then that will dictate the format.  

The home page will set you up for success or failure.

  • Wireframe the content you want to include

The type of content you’ve on your homepage sets up the pace for your site. With some interesting statistics, you’re enticing visitors to learn more from your site as they take their time to explore.

Do some research on what your visitors want, don’t leave them hanging, and instead convey the purpose through carefully created content. If your content is not tailored towards addressing prospects’ issues, you’ll be speaking to a disengaged room.

  • Compress your message into a single phase

Once your goals are solidified, you’ve to start drafting your copy and outlining the primary messages to include. It may look like an obvious stage, but it’s integral in optimizing your page. Now that you’re clear on what you want to achieve on your home page, you can now focus on encouraging your visitors to participate.

  • Link your webinars to your page content

A great lead generation strategy that would work wonders is linking your webinars to your content. Webinars are low-cost strategies of delivering the brand message to your audience who asked for it when they were registering.

Statistics show that 52% of marketers believe that seminars and webinars are the most effective ways of generating targeted leads.

Then you ask, how do I get webinars? It’s as simple as ABC if you have the right strategies. The first thing is to get people to register and reserve their slots to attend. Blogging comes in handy here. It’s a perfect way of rallying numbers. It helps in building trust with your followers.  

You can’t ignore the role of webinars in boosting sales- any serious company will tell you webinars improved their sales significantly. Again, make sure your blogs are interesting and contain useful information; that way, visitors can sign up to get more helpful information.

  • Use Google as your log in

Using Google as your log-in allows you to personalize your efforts. And you can achieve effective marketing by addressing your audience as individuals but not a group. It’s about connecting with your customers. You may be one among many digital companies that are not using this strategy to get more leads. But you better believe the truth- that Google is popular and content marketers, bloggers, and other internet users have a Google account.

Google is a trusted platform across the board and therefore using it as your log-in means you have a stake in their robust customer base.

  • Draw attention to your homepage by having a catchy headline and strong Verbs

In your elementary grades, they must have told you that a Verb is a “doing” word or a word that represents an action. Therefore, if you want to draw the attention of your site visitors, you’ve to take advantage of these powerful words- Verbs.

What will make your headline catchy?

It’s the Keywords use, the structure, the length; it’s the ‘Action’ word used-the Verb. A combination of these will evoke curiosity and persuade the viewer to click. If you give attention to crafting your headline, you’ll improve your search rankings and generate targeted leads. That is due to the improved bounce-back rate, and the time the visitors take on your site.

Every marketer worth the salt knows how important it is to have a headline that will draw attention- it’s what will drive leads to your site. That can be easily achieved through having strong Verbs on your headline.

The first step towards high return on investment through lead generation is hiring the right expert, MyExpert, who understands the art and science of turning visitors into valuable leads. They’ve dedicated staff that is in charge of developing effective strategies and evaluating analytics reports.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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