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How HR can spread company’s values within a company

Businesses and to develop their personalities as well. Company culture is usually strongly associated with this personality. As core values, goals, and principles, predefined by the business managers and owners, are the essential features of such a personality.

But while the executive leadership and business owners may have a deep understanding of the company values, a vital task of a good HR is to ensure that this understanding trickles down to all employee levels.

There is a direct interdependence between understanding and sharing company values and working toward company goals. Here are several actionable tips to make even an email signature generator communicate your values to every single employee within the company.

Find a place on the corporate website

Company values are guidelines and shared beliefs that help people effectively work together toward common business goals. From a business perspective, a clear set of company values helps to make decisions easier and sets a particular tone in communication and relationships with employees and customers.

Therefore, finding a place for a company’s values on the corporate website is an excellent option to make sure they are well communicated to both. Creating a business is similar to creating a community. If you want it to function well, you need to share a standard code.

The company values define who you do business with and who you do not. Therefore, it is always better to make this point clear right from the start. The more clearly and openly you state your company values on the corporate website, the more accurate and committable they become for the employees.

Add a banner to the internal email signature

Emails signature is a powerful tool often underestimated by people. An average office worker daily receives 121 and sends 40 business emails. Thus, the company business correspondence is an excellent way to communicate the company values inside and outside the company itself.

Your image is your selling point, so why not use it to benefit from inner company culture? Thus, the incorporation of the ad banner into internal signature systems can considerably contribute to value awareness.

For instance, an inspiring quote shared using the corporate signatures system creates a lasting impression and strikes an emotional chord.

Humans are emotional. Therefore, they tend to remember things that have emotional appeal. Many businesses have already experienced the benefits and proved the efficiency of this hint. Numerous email signature examples are demonstrating an elegant yet powerful utilization of email signature banners for brand values spread.

Promote them through all internal communication channels

Creating a positive company culture and workforce is essential for proper business functioning. After all, a diverse workplace and an appealing corporate culture can attract top talent, engage and retain the most productive employees.

Building a sense of corporate values is a challenging task. However, it always starts with simple actions. Internal communication gets vital in this process. Consider applying the following strategies:

  1. Use messaging to encourage collaboration.
  2. Ensure a direct communication line between leadership and employees
  3. Keep all conversations on one platform
  4. Encourage feedback.

Thus, there are tremendous opportunities to communicate and promote corporate values via internal communications tools, which employees use to share ideas, give and receive feedback, set and assign tasks.

Conduct regular employee training

To successfully promote your corporate values throughout your organization it is essential to incorporate them into every employee-related process. To help your values stick to the employees’ minds, some time, effort, and training will be required.

Formal training on core values is a simple way to make sure your employees are adequately onboarded right from their first day. Besides, putting effort into this process shows the company appreciation and respect for its values and every employee.

For instance, if teamwork is one of your corporate values, planning team-building training is an excellent way to emphasize the importance of this value. The values of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion may be promoted via such training as well.

The employees of organizations who undertake training often feel like a supportive and friendly work environment. This encourages the feeling of being valued and welcomed. As a result, you get more productive, loyal, and motivated employees eager to learn and improve for the company’s benefit.

Make your values visual

Making your core values visual is the most efficient way to make them memorable and strongly associated with the company. However, to make them popular with your employees, you need to think of the places with high traffic or the objects often used within your work environment.

Making your values a prominent feature in the workplace will keep them at the forefront of the employees` minds. Here are some actionable ways to promote your values in the workplace:

Printed materials

In the world of digital everything, printed materials can still make a difference, especially when we are talking about the office working environment. There are several simple tips to consider before putting printed materials into action:

  • printed materials are a direct reflection of your business values, therefore avoid cheap, low-quality, or simply meaningless printing.
  • focusing solely on the will hardly bring the desired effect. Make your values something like bullet points and recognizable phrases, not just logos, and images.
  • creativity is the only reliable way to make the message comprehensive and catchy.

Corporate merch for employees

Picking corporate merch for employees is not as it seems to be if you want to promote your company values. The secret is – focus on the why behind the product. Make sure you pick an item that somehow relates to your company values, not just because it is good-looking or valuable.

Thus, if one of your company’s values is sustainability, make sure your corporate merch relates to a sustainable promotional products group. 


The company values reflect the spirit of the company in general. Crating, reinforcing, and keeping up to date is an ongoing process. What is more important, to successfully promote the company values, HR specialists need to spare no effort and work creatively.

If you are looking for some fresh ideas in revealing the company values, start with writing an action plan following these tips. And don`t forget to add some personal touch and creativity so that everything would work great.

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