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    Keeping the Costs of a Funeral Down in the UK

    There has been a much-vaunted cost of living crisis in the UK in recent times with increased prices associated with a raft of goods and services. In addition, there is something of a cost of death – or, at least, funeral – crisis that many people face. This is because the cost associated with a typical funeral in the UK now exceeds well over £4,000 and that figure is rising steadily. As such, many people would like to keep the costs of their funeral down whether they are planning their own or arranging one for a recently departed family member. What are the best ways to keep funeral costs as low as possible?

    Plan In Advance

    Burial and cremation payment plans are available at today’s prices. If you opt for one, then many funeral planning services will allow you to spread the cost of your funeral up into bite-sized instalments. This makes budgeting easier, of course, but it also means you will pay for the funeral at what the cost would be right now. As funeral costs are rising, on average, this could save you a tidy sum in the long run.

    Book a Cremation

    Simply put, cremation payment plans are cheaper than burial ones. Although many of the same costs are involved with both types of services, you won’t need to pay for a burial plot if you book a cremation. According to Newrest Funerals, which offers burial and cremation payment plans, professional pallbearers are advisable for burials but, with a cremation, you can opt to do this from a group drawn from the mourners. As such, you’ll spend less on funeral directors’ fees and your plan will cost less as a result.

    Do Your Own Catering

    The wake following a funeral service can be one of the costlier elements. Assuming you want to stage one, there is no need to book a function room and outside caterers. Inviting people into your home for a cup of tea and a sandwich is perfectly good for a modern wake so you needn’t push the boat out unless you really want to.

    Choose a Cost-Effective Coffin

    Caskets are expensive items. Even wooden coffins with veneers and a few ornate touches here and there will cost more than you might expect. However, there is no need to go to great expense with a coffin. Cardboard ones sound flimsy but they are up to the job of conveying most bodies. What’s more, they’re widely considered as being an environmentally sound option as well as being cheaper.

    Go Online

    Cut down on costs by using online services for the funeral you are planning. Few people put notices in local newspapers these days when they can tell people about the funeral arrangements using social media posts. Equally, you can cut down on the expense of lots of mourners traveling to the funeral service by streaming it. Many funeral homes and crematoria offer online services nowadays that allow mourners to attend virtually. Just ask them what is involved before you book to make sure they have the necessary technical capabilities.

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