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Why making the sale isn’t the end of your funnel

Making a sale, no matter how big or small, is a great milestone for any business. However, it’s not the finish line. 

What happens after the sale also matters, because that’s what’ll make sure you have an effective sales funnel. 

One purpose of your sales funnel is to narrow down who your customers are. At the beginning, you interact with your target audience to make them aware and interested. Those who continued to engage and then bought your product or service are the people who saw value in your business.

Customers who value your products or services are likely to buy from you again if given the right nudge. It’ll help cut down the lengthy process of your sales funnel, since you can focus your efforts on those customers to make another sale. It’s still good to bring in new customers, but also giving attention to your return customers will make your sales strategy stronger. 

Why you want return customers 

Return customers aren’t first-time customers anymore who just want to test out one product first. They’ve experienced your product or service before and want to give it another go. You’ve built a trust with them, so they’ll be more receptive when you interact with them. 

One benefit is that they’ll be more open to trying more products in your line. Since they enjoyed one of your products, it’ll give them an inkling that they might also enjoy your other products. This gives you an opportunity to make a higher value sale with just one customer. 

Aside from that, getting lots of return customers will allow you to cut down on marketing or advertising expenses. Generating awareness can be costly because you’re trying to reach numerous audiences. However, if you already know who the customers that’ll purchase your products and services are, you can create carefully targeted marketing growth strategies

Keep up engagement

Since getting return customers is beneficial to your business, it’s crucial to boost your after-sales efforts. You’ll need to build a strong and lasting relationship with your customers after they’ve made a purchase. This can make or break their loyalty to your brand. 

Connect with your customers by continuously engaging with them through various channels. You can check up on them by asking their experience with your products or make exclusive promos to reward their loyalty. It’s important for you to be on their radar at all times, so that they’ll easily recall you when they need something you can offer. 

The differences in marketing

Marketing to return customers is quite different from marketing to a fresh lead. You’re sure of who you’re talking to which makes it easier to create more personal messaging. This kind of communication makes a stronger impact, as it resonates with customers better.

Review your business plan and see how you can develop it to address the concerns of your existing customers. Analyse their customer profiles, purchasing behaviour, and opinion towards your products and services. This information will help you adjust your objectives, strategies, and tactics and increase your chances of getting more return customers.

Securing a new sale 

Having a marketing plan to engage your previous customers can jumpstart their interest in your brand again. However, you still need a good sales plan to supplement your execution and turn your customers’ interest into new sales. 

Working with your sales team is one way to build a dedicated sales strategy for your goals. You can also seek support from experienced experts in the field such as the Part-time Sales Directors from Boardroom Advisors.
What does a Sales Director do? They provide strategic advice on how you can increase sales and profitability. So if your goal is to strengthen repeat purchases, they can study your previous sales and customers to help you develop a plan that’ll work specifically for your business.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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