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The long haul destinations worth visiting in 2017

If you fancy an adventure this year, it might be worth thinking outside the box. If the idea of a long haul flight puts you off, consider the following. Far-flung destinations may be some distance by plane, but when you get there, it is often cheaper, there are fewer crowds and you’re guaranteed to experience something that you’ve never seen before.

Looking for inspiration, we spoke to Travelbag’s resident holiday expert, Paul Hopkinson to find out where in the world we should be looking to explore in 2017.


If you thought Singapore was just a stopover to get to Australasia, think again. This country has a wealth of sights just waiting to be experienced. Singapore is where East meets West, as suited office workers rush by ancient, smoky temples on their way to work in the city.

The island of Singapore is a mixture of influences from neighbouring countries. Travel one way and you’re in little Hong Kong, head in another direction and you’re awash with Indian culture. Other areas of the island quickly surround you with Thai flavours and Chinese street scenes.

So, Singapore is like several holidays in one. The food is exceptional, the technology astounding and the rich culture and heritage spellbinding.

Cape Town

The Mother City has been a place of major historical importance for centuries. Now it’s famous for its food, outdoor activities and world famous art and design – all the while the magnificent Table Top Mountain looms over.

It is a town that beats the drum for life, and with its harmonious blend of beliefs, creeds, religions and culture, it is a city worth joining in with and celebrating.


Taiwan is a hundred worlds on one island. The Taiwanese have created a democratic and very liberal society – free press, gender equality and a focus on human rights has spread across the island which, with its dramatic landscape and tropical climes, is frankly jaw dropping.

And don’t forget the food. As the main greeting in Taiwanese translates as “Have you eaten?” it’s good to arrive with an empty belly. Steamed dumplings, shrimp rolls and oyster vermicelli can all be washed down with aromatic teas and local artisan beer – at any time of day. Taiwan is a welcome assault on every sense.


Sydney is a place that doesn’t do things by halves. Prepare yourself for a city that, on the surface, is glitzy, in your face and brash. Dig deeper and you find a town where the best brains have gathered to create a place where food innovations are revered, art is exalted and locals are more than happy to show you a good time, Aussie-style.

And when you need a rest from the never-ending party, you’re never too far from a beach, so grab a book and relax.

 Buenos Aires

When people visit South America, it is always Argentina that makes a lasting impression on them. Buenos Aires, in particular, is a place worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime.

This city mixes old Europe with fierce Latin passion. Whether its football, food or politics, Buenos Aireans are firm lovers of lively discussion – whether you agree with them or not.

Together with the colourful murals and faded architecture, the dancing, music and song of Buenos Aires never fail to draw people into what is a unique and seductive city.

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