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Use Up Winter Veg and Save Cash

Opting for in season fruit and vegetables are a great way to save cash and cook up some tasty treats.


That’s according to money saving mum of two Kayleigh Hughes who blogs for


She claims using winter veggies means wholesome, nutrient, packed meals and at a fraction of the cost of using out of season, summery produce.


Kayleigh says cooking in batches and freezing the leftovers means you have meals to hand whenever you need them to see you through the chilly months.


And she says there’s no reason just to stick to traditional comfort foods with winter fruit and veg – instead cook up some spicy starters, hearty mains and fruity desserts to get your mouth watering.


Kayleigh said: “Winter vegetables aren’t the most inspiring, but they’re comforting, packed full of nutrients and with a few added ingredients you can make some great, low cost meals.


“One of my winter favourites is soup, perfect for using up vegetables slightly passed there sell by date and ideal for portioning up and popping in the freezer.


“Winter fruits like pears are ideal for making delicious fruit crumbles. If you want to give them a summery twist, try a yummy pear and apple fool with a piece of freshly baked shortbread.


“Just because its winter and a lot of things are gloomy there’s no reason your meals have to be. So adding a bit of colour, flavour and spice to any meal will help take away those winter blues. Get creative and see what you can come up with.”


Here are Kayleigh’s tips for saving cash and cooking up treats with winter fruit and veg.



Everyone loves soup in the winter and it’s perfect for using up vegetables that have seen better days. You can try any combination. A favourite of mine is butternut squash and sweet potato. It’s warming, creamy and filling and so easy to make.


You can easily bulk it up with some lentils, or add in leftover chicken or even turkey you have in the freezer from Christmas.


Batch cooking

On a cold, rainy day, why not cook a whole host of meals using your winter veggies, which can go straight in the freezer. Soup and casseroles are high on my list when it comes to batch cooking.


You can make a lovely chicken and vegetable casserole simply by adding a little bit of mustard to some cheap chicken portions and throwing in some celery, carrot, swede and anything else you may have in the bottom of the veg rack.


Looking out for yellow stickers

I’m a big fan of yellow stickered items and it’s always worth keeping an eye out to see what’s reduced in the fruit and veg aisles at the end of the day.


Use them up quickly and they’re just as good as using the full price items.


Making preserves

Autumn and winter fruits are delicious and almost all grown in the UK. Stew the fruit and freeze it for tasty puddings all year round.


Use pear and rhubarb to make some great crumbles and pies. Jams and compotes are another must from winter fruit and if you make enough it can last you into the summer season as well.


Creative meals

Winter food doesn’t just have to be comforting casseroles, soups and all our traditional favourites. Why not get creative at meal times.


Try making a delicious honeyed winter salad using roasted butternut squash, parsnips, red onion and a handful of spinach.



Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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