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Tips for saving money at work

Britain’s army of office workers splash the cash on lunches, coffees and countless snacks throughout the working week.


If you’re working in one of our town or city centres it can be difficult to resist temptation with a coffee shop on almost every corner these days.


But if you want to hold on to your cash to save up for an expensive item such as a holiday or perhaps even the deposit for a house then you need to hold on to your purse and keep walking past Costa.


We asked the friendly crew at to give us their top tips for saving money during the working day.


  1. Bring your own lunch


This may of course sound like a pretty obvious one to start with, but that’s because it is the simplest measure you can take and one that will most likely save you the most money.


Buying a meal deal or a pasty at lunch are textbook ways of spending cash that could easily be saved, and you’ll find that the more creative you get with home-made lunches, the less likely you’ll be to crave food from your bakery.


  1. Public Transport


The average UK motorist spends roughly £88 a month on petrol, which is a number that can easily be reduced by leaving your cars at home in favour of riding the train or bus to work.


Public transport not only offers a potentially cheaper means of getting to and from work, but also cuts down drastically on your carbon footprint.


If public transport isn’t a viable alternative for you then maybe look to carpool with colleagues, or if you fancy using you trip to work as a chance to exercise then why not cycler to your office. .


  1. Ditching your Coffee


Buying your morning cup of coffee before work is a ritual shared by millions of workers up and down the country, but if you ditch your café bought coffee in exchange for making your morning drink in the office the savings you will begin to make is substantial.


  1. Reduce your office supplies


Another tip that’s good for the environment as well as your pocket, cutting down on supplies like notepads and pens seems like a small change, but in the long will help out both you and your business.


Keeping notes stored on electronic devices like your computer or smartphones are two great alternatives to stop you.


  1. Quit Snacking


Stopping yourself from buying chocolate bars or fizzy drink is another steady money saver that’s good for your health alongside your bank balance.


It many seem like spending a pound or of there on a quick sugar fix isn’t a lot, but if you add this all up then you begin to realise that even cutting out the small costs in your day at work.


  1. Avoid shopping at lunch time


When spending your lunch hour walking around city centres it can all too often prove difficult to not purchase something you’ve spotted in a shop window.


Taking a book or magazine to work on your lunch break makes a welcome distraction from your working environment, and helps you to avoid the temptation of walking into your favourite stores.


Notts PR is a public relations agency based in Nottingham.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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