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Online OCR Alternatives and similar websites

What is OCR online?

The image to text conversion is an understandable term because a user can think of it as typing or writing by hand or manually. But this hectic thing can be turned into a hassle-free task by using OCR online. OCR stands for optical character recognition. The conversion through OCR to word becomes helpful when a writer is assigned to type a whole book with many pages manually as it will take too much time and energy.

There are many free OCR available on the internet that provides the image to text services. In fact, free OCR can perform this conversion efficiently. It can also help you to convert pictures to text; what does it mean? Yes, you can insert a picture or image of text then it will give you back the result in the form of typed text.

Why was OCR online?

It was designed for special purposes. OCR online was used to convert text from a printed piece of paper. The Optical Character Recognition will transfer the bank statements, invoices, and computerized receipts in the databases.

How does a free OCR work?

The first step for OCR is to scan or detect all the text present in an image. Then it will easily convert the image into text within a matter of seconds. This task sounds difficult, but for your computer, it is not a big deal. The computer will complete this conversion effortlessly. The speed of your device is also not affected. You will be asked only to upload your required image, and it will enable you to get a text from that picture easily with no time.

Advantages of using OCR online:

All the formats are supported:

It supports all the formats of images. So, you do not need to take tension about the format of your required image. It will convert all types of images into text speedily. The users use OCR to convert even a small piece of the image into text like quotes, poetry, essays, etc. Then people like to share among their friends through social engines. 

Searching becomes easy with the conversion of images into the text:

You will take it hard to find an image through searching, but the text will be found easily. Then the worth of online OCR becomes even more. A user cannot find the desired picture among thousands of images from the electronic device. Perhaps, the user can forget where he or she had stored that image. But suppose that once you have converted it into the text by using online OCR, it will become hassle-free.

Reduce cost effects:

Without using OCR, you will have to pay the other workers to write the text manually for you. But if you have done with free online OCR, it will reduce the expenditures spent on hiring the workers.

Disadvantages of using an OCR:

Some of the reasons the OCR fails to convert the text from a photo with 100% accuracy. These reasons are written below:

Damaged photo or vague text on image:

Suppose that the required image is not found in good condition or written on that page is not clear. Then the OCR cannot perform well to produce the desired conversion.

Bad handwriting on the page:

The bad handwriting will also be a reason for which the OCR cannot work with accuracy. Today’s OCR makes your writing style more important.

Old versions of printers:

When you use old printers to print an image, it causes some problems, for example, an ink-soaked ribbon on that paper. Then you upload that paper to scan by an OCR, and the accuracy will be 80% due to this old printer error.

Suggested OCR alternatives and similar tools:

  1. SearchEngineReports:

This free ocr online is the best and reliable tool that will provide the conversion from image to text within no time. You can use this image to text converter by Searchenginereports.net for free without paying any single penny or registration. 

  1. Soda PDF:

Any document goals can be achieved by using this OCR alternative. You can perform edit, convert, merge, split, and many more tasks with this tool.

  1. DocuPhase:

It is a document management tool that provides services like access control, collaboration tools, archiving & retention, etc.

  1. Readiris:

It is an OCR tool. The following features are provided by indexing, batch processing, multi-language, converting to pdf, etc.

How does an online OCR work?

First of all, you should have a scanned copy of the required photo. For this purpose, you can use any online scanner tool available on the internet. Then you have to follow the following steps:

  • Choose the required file of images.
  • Upload the file, or you can also choose it from Dropbox.
  • URLs of the website can also be given in the required place.
  • Press the button “Convert” after uploading the file successfully.
  • Click on the icon “Download” after the OCR completed conversion.
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