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TheWiSpy Review [TESTED] – The Best Mobile Spy App 2021

Do you feel that your kid is spending extra time on the cell phone?

Is your business information is getting leaked by an imposter, and you don’t even know who he is?

Well, certain situations can make us spy on people around us. You can’t directly interrogate someone you find suspicious without having solid proof. And for that, nothing can help you better than a mobile spy app.

The use of mobile spyware is not that uncommon. The majority of people are tech-savvy nowadays, and they know how to use technology the right way.

The internet has indeed made our lives easier. There are tonnes of information, entertaining content, and other useful materials present online. Despite the good things, the internet has a shady side too. Not every bad content is on the dark web; much of the dangerous things are present on the surface web as well.

For instance, social media platforms have unleashed cyber predators who can catfish children at any time. Kids love making new friends online, but an encounter with an online sexual predator can turn their lives upside down. Likewise, sexting has become common. Such online behaviour breaks genuine relationships and increases the rate of infidelity.

The solution to all internet threats and problems is using the best mobile spy app. You must be thinking about how to pick the best cell phone spyware?

Don’t worry.

Although there are so many fake spy apps available online, that does not mean that the real ones are not there. The internet market has several reliable mobile spyware apps to help you with kids’ monitoring, employee surveillance, and spouse tracking.

One of such apps is TheWiSpy. So, let’s find more details about this amazing mobile spy software and see how it can help you secure your loved ones and businesses with a few clicks.

TheWiSpy Review:

TheWiSpy is a secure mobile monitoring app with a great number of happy customers worldwide. The spyware claims to provide high-quality monitoring services that can fill up all your monitoring requirements.

For your convenience, we have segregated this TheWiSpy review into the following parts so that you can easily navigate through the whole review.

  • TheWiSpy – Introduction & Spying Solutions
  • Device and OS Compatibility
  • TheWiSpy License Purchase & Installation
  • TheWiSpy Dashboard
  • Top Features
  • Pricing Details
  • Customer Reviews
  • FAQs

Continue reading this review and find whether or not you need the exceptional services of TheWiSpy best mobile spy app.

TheWiSpy – Introduction & Products:

TheWiSpy is basically a spy app that can help you monitor what is happening on your target device. It is a hidden mobile spy app that can record mobile activities and uploads the recorded details on an online web server. The transfer of information from the target device to the online server helps you monitor cell phone activities remotely. You can hide TheWiSpy app icon. The app works in the background of the target phone or tablet and secretly fetches information from it.

TheWiSpy is an all-in-one spy app. It delivers multiple solutions to help with digital monitoring.

Following are the spying solutions provided by TWS app:

  • Android Spy App
  • Kids’ Monitoring
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Parental Controls
  • Mobile Tracker

TheWiSpy developers claim that they have thoroughly researched the spying requirements of spy app users and provided audiences with an all-rounder solution.

Before writing this review, our tech team also tested TheWiSpy app to check its functionality. And yes, TheWiSpy has passed its functionality assessment.

Device and OS Compatibility:

Compatibility matters whether you buy a gadget or an app for your mobile phone. Just like we choose the best dress for ourselves, it is better to get the right mobile app for any purpose. In the case of spy apps, you can not trust every app.

So before purchasing a mobile spy app, make sure it supports your target device OS. TheWiSpy is the best mobile spy app for Android devices. As Android mobile phones and tablets have the biggest share in the gadget industry, the TWS app developers specifically designed this app to hack Android devices. Any Android device, phone or tablet that runs the OS version of 4 or plus can be spied by TheWiSpy app. It means that you can spy on a range of operating systems, from Android Icecream Sandwich to the newest versions.

TheWiSpy License Purchase & Installation:

TheWiSpy cell phone monitoring requires the end-user to register him/herself on the website’s main server. It means before you start spying on your target phone, you have to create a user-account on TheWiSpy website. Just after creating the account, you have to purchase TheWiSpy license subscription. Getting started with TWS monitoring is not a difficult procedure.

In the following section, we are about to explain step-by-step instructions, to begin with, TheWiSpy mobile monitoring.

Step 1 – Go to the website

Step 2 – Click the “Sign Up” button from the top right corner.

Step 3 – Create your account and sign up.

Step 4 – Choose a suitable package. Pick the license plan you want to buy and click on “Get Plan”.

Step 5 – Pay for the subscription and complete the check-out step. If you have a promo code, it’s the best time to avail it.

Step 6 – Now that you have purchased TWS subscription, log in to your email and open the confirmation email sent by TheWiSpy.

Step 7 – From the email, read the instruction guide. Note the license key, activation code, and download URL.

Step 8 – Now, pick your target device and open the web browser on it.

Step 9 – Put TWS download link on the search bar and open it.

Step 10 – Download TWS app and install it.

Step 11 – Accept all the permissions and configure TWS on your target device.

Step 12 – Hide the app icon at the end of the setup process.

Step 13 – Open TWS dashboard and start monitoring your target device.

TheWiSpy Dashboard:

TheWiSpy dashboard provides you remote access to your target mobile phone or tablet. It imitates your target device completely and delivers reports on the ongoing activity details every minute.

Here is what you can view using TWS dashboard.

Basic Cell Phone Details – Cell phone model, IMEI number, battery percentage, TWS license activation key, subscription expiry date.

Monitoring Details – You can view the mobile activities via the control panel. From TWS features list, you can pick any spying feature and monitor plus control the mobile activities remotely and secretly.

Top Features:

Here is the key section of TheWiSpy review. Being the best mobile spy app of 2021, TWS offers the most advanced monitoring features.

Let’s have a look at the top features of TWS app.

Call Monitoring:

You can monitor call details with TWS app. It includes listening to all the incoming and outgoing calls, monitoring contact details, viewing call logs history, etc. TheWiSpy records the telephonic conversations of dialled and received calls and uploads the recorded audio files on the dashboard so that you can hear the recordings whenever you want.

SMS Tracking:

With the SMS tracking feature, you can read the SMS inbox of your kid’s or employee’s phone without any suspicion. It provides you complete details on sent/received text chats, sender contact information, dates and timestamps.

GPS Location Tracking:

TheWiSpy utilises GPS technology and helps you track the whereabouts of your target person. You can track live pinpoint location, view location history remotely and stealthily. Using such a feature, you can keep your kids on your watch 24/7.

Screen Recording:

TheWiSpy falls in the category of best mobile spy app of 2021. And the reason is; it offers features like screen recording that only a few spy apps deliver. The screen recording feature helps you record the screen activities. It is an ultimate feature that can unveil all user’s mobile activities, including social media account details, IMs chats, and others.

Surround Recording:

 For those who want to know if surrounding sounds can be recorded, let us tell you that TWS surround recording feature can do it like a pro. Using such a feature, you can activate the microphone of your kid’s/employee’s device. TWS starts recording the background noises, including conversations and other sounds. You can listen to the recorded files via the dashboard.

Camera Spy:

It is an advanced feature that enables you to control your target device’s front and back camera. You can take random pictures and record short videos using the camera spy feature of TheWiSpy.

Other Features:

TheWiSpy is the best mobile spy app. It offers other high-end monitoring features like multimedia tracking, app monitoring, geo-fencing, etc.

Pricing Details:

TheWiSpy offers three different subscription plans. Each plan offers specific features and has special pricing. All you need to do is pick the plan that suits best with your monitoring requirements.

  • Starter Package allows you to monitor your target device for 15-days at $9.99.
  • Basic Package  offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. It starts at $19.99 only.
  • Premium Package also offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. It starts at $29.99 only.

Every subscription is unique, offering limited features. Although if you subscribe to the premium one, you can enjoy all the mobile monitoring features of TheWiSpy app.

TheWiSpy FAQs:

Being promoted as the best mobile spy app of 2021, TheWiSpy app is in great demand.

Here are the app related frequently asked questions and their answers.

  1. Can TheWiSpy App Be Installed Remotely?

No. To install TWS app on any target device, you are required to access the device physically. No app offers remote installation of a spyware app.

  1. Which App is Better mSpy or TheWiSpy?

According to our testing results, mSpy is a dedicated parental control app. Instead, TheWiSpy is a flexible app that offers parental control features. It can also be used for kids’ monitoring and employee surveillance. Both apps are good as compared to features quality.

  1. Does TheWiSpy Drain The Battery of the Target Device?

TheWiSpy is a very light mobile spy app. It works in the background of the device and does not drain any extra battery.

  1. Is TheWiSpy a Legitimate App?

Indeed. TheWiSpy app is only intended to deliver spying features for legitimate purposes like kids’ monitoring and employee monitoring. As far as the target person acknowledges the spying activities, the use of TWS app is legal.

  1. Is TheWiSpy Invisible?

Yes. Perhaps it is your choice to hide the app icon or not. The app asks you to hide the app icon at the time of installation.

TheWiSpy Review – The Final Words:

The surge of online threats has made people get help from mobile spy apps. It is shocking to know that there are thousands of spyware apps available online. It only indicates the demand and supply relationship. Many people are now using mobile spy apps to keep their eyes on their loved ones.

We tested TheWiSpy app to get to know its functionality and features. We must mention that the app does offer what it claims. Its features are super functional, and the app is very smooth to operate. There is no technical knowledge required to use TWS app.

So, if you are a parent or employer who finds little time to monitor your kids or employees, TWS can be the handiest monitoring solution for you.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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