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Run better with compression stockings

Sports socks are of course better than the regular socks for sports, because they have no annoying seams at the toe or edges at the heel and therefore feel more comfortable when running. And that’s nice, especially if you’re going to cover a longer distance.

The compression stockings go even further.They not only have the same properties as the sports sock in terms of comfort, but also ensure good blood circulation while running. Because of the support of this stocking you have much less chance of cramping and/or straining of the muscles and therefore injuries.

But how does it work?

There are different types of compression socks on the market. You can choose a full sock, with foot or a so-called tube. The principle is the same for both types. The socks provide upward pressure, which is strongest around the ankle and gradually decreases upwards towards the knee. This stimulates blood circulation from the ankle to the heart, which has a positive effect on the removal of waste.

The tight fit also ensures that the movement and vibration of the calf muscle decreases, so that less is pulled on the shin. Because who does not recognize that sometimes stabbing pain in the shin during or after running?

Compression stockings and tubes – what’s the difference?

What is the difference between a tube and the normal compression stocking? This is mainly due to its use. The compression is the same for both. 

Compression stockings

Compression stockings are, as it were, high sports stockings that tightly surround the ankle and calf. The pressure that the stockings exert on the foot and the entire lower leg gives many advantages in running, but also in other sports. By wearing the stockings, acidification in the muscles will occur less quickly. The support socks can be worn both during running and after training. This will speed up recovery after running.

Athletes who keep their compression stockings on for a few hours after running experience a better recovery and significantly less muscle soreness the next day. And with an optimal recovery you can start a new training or competition faster!

Compression tubes

Because the tube has no foot section, it is not suitable for after training. Because you wear footless stockings, as it were, and there is therefore no compression effect on the foot, it is possible that moisture will be retained in the foot after running. That is of course not the intention and that is why the tube must be removed immediately after training.

You only use the tube during your run and NOT afterwards. A tube is slightly cheaper to purchase and you can simply wear it in combination with your favorite sports socks. If you are a runner who steps into his running shoes without socks, this is of course the ideal solution!

Another great advantage of the tube: you can use it several times in a row before you have to wash it. You can wash your sports compression stockings in the washing machine at 30 degrees, preferably in a laundry bag. Just don’t use fabric softener, this will not do the compression in your stockings any good.

They should also not be put in the dryer, because the elasticity in the stocking is lost as a result and the stocking loses its function and therefore its function. Roll your socks in a dry towel to get them a little drier and then let them air dry.

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