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NEET is a very competitive exam that students of mostly science stream plan to give while still studying in class 11. There are innumerable doubts that students have regarding their preparation and the beginning of such exams. This is a very crucial stage for them, usually, they become very nervous and end up spending a lot of money for mere guidance and the end product is nothing but chaos. In this regard, students should not spend a lot of money and still face a loss instead the following tips can really be helpful for them and they can gain a lot of information that would be necessary for their overall initial preparatory preparation. All these are very important for any NEET aspirant. In class 11, students can easily give time for the preparation of NEET and can build a strong base for their advancement.

The students preparing from class 11 should remember that they are at an advantage and have the best asset with them i.e. they have NCERT books. They (if from CBSE) are studying from these books and therefore should take advantage of it because NEET has many questions from these books. These books are essential to give them a strong base and knowledge about what they would be tested about during the exams. Many students who decide later to give NEET have to study from the start in a short period of time. They have to cover NCERT books with other books and therefore they feel very rushed, on the other hand, students deciding early can take advantage of this time and make sure to give thorough preparation time to these books as much as possible multiple times and thus completing one book for the purpose of preparation.

The students should make sure to download the entire NEET syllabus from the website or some other source. They should download it and mark all the chapters that are mentioned in the syllabus of NEET and are also there in their class 11 books. All those chapters which are similar in both the books should be the priority of the students as those would be asked and assessed later. This practice will make the students feel more prepared and would help them understand the concept better and also give them enough time to prepare other topics.

Another important step is to keep marking and practicing important questions of the chapters that they marked earlier in the previous steps. This way they will strengthen their important questions and they would have less syllabus to revise or work on later. This practice would ensure a certain number of marks as important questions tend to get repeated over the years in the NEET examination. They can mark the important questions or make a notebook of only important questions per chapter and if students are not left with enough time then mere revision of these Important Questions of NEET Units and Measurements can also be very beneficial. 

Good preparation involves good quality notes. Many students tend to skip NCERT books and just buy notes for a high price. Students should understand that every note is different and every note is prepared as per the convenience of the person writing the notes and involves only the stuff that the writer thinks is important. Giving such a high price is not that wise of a step and should rather be avoided. Class 11 students can prepare quality notes which would avoid repetition of the entire book and would also help in multiple revisions. Thus, make sure that proper notes as per the understandability and convenience of the student are made.

Solve numerical and papers of chapters that are getting prepared. Students can take practice solving many numericals on the chapters that they are covering and can also try previous papers on the chapters that they solved and studied. The more practice they give now, the less work they would have to go ahead and the more time they will have for revision later. This can be very helpful as the students find themselves really stuck when it comes to numerical, thus, such a practice is very essential for them to get out of this fear and also feel prepared when it comes to numerical.

Last but not the least, if decided, is consistency. A student who has decided to take the NEET exams should set some dedicated hours every day for preparation for this exam. This can be a long commitment but if a student is deciding to start from class 11 then it would not be that hectic and pressurizing for them. This is a really good advantage in the hands of students and they should take full benefit of it. Thus, helping them remain on the upper hand.

All these are very crucial to class 11 students when it comes to giving their part of their studies to a nationally acknowledged and prestigious exam. It is an exam that may require a lot of commitment and sacrifice but then remember that the students of class 11 are always ahead of their exam preparation if all these steps are taken care of and properly indulged because these will be focused on in a tension-free state and can be retained through multiple revisions. All exams can turn easy if the students are dedicated and really wish to get those clear in an attempt. One should make sure that just because the person is a bit early, it does not allow them to take it lightly and do it only occasionally because such behaviour will reflect in later studies and can have a greater effect negatively than positively. Such an advantage should always be used positively and nothing of it should be done in a way that backfires on the student leading to greater loss than profit because profits are always favourable and appreciated. Keep these tips in mind and start preparing with a dedicated mindset. All the best.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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