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How unconsciously do we develop some personalities and how to rearrange them rather than avoid them?

If you take a survey right now and ask people what you want to become, chances are more people will hear answers like “I want to become like that character from that movie or like that famous celebrity or successful person” instead of the old answers like “an engineer or a doctor.”

Intro to influential factors 

In this contemporary epoch, a colossal amount of content is available in the form of movies, web series, TV shows, YouTube videos, and books, which are the influential factors in order to grow or develop people’s personalities. No matter whether the person is a child or an adult, it somehow affects the ongoing behaviour of people in some way. And that would be either positive or negative, depending on the person’s situation and their mindset to handle it. Sometimes it affects people, but people find out later after being involved in bad consequences. To prevent that, let’s discuss some red flags that should not be missed while developing a personality and how to convert those red flags into green ones!

Understand the difference between real and fiction

To commence with, yes, it is true that the characters in movies influence our personalities. They will change your old-fashioned wire system into a modern point of view, but not yours; it will be that character’s point of view. After binge-watching a popular series, you’ll be behaving like that show’s one personality and thinking like them in a ditto attitude. Why does this happen? Well, it happens because you find an interesting arc in that character’s personality, which attracts your orthodox mindset and makes you want to try out this new one since you don’t have that charm or attitude. Believe it or not, you want to become like that character, but the sad reality is that our span of attention has become so reduced that personality will soon be changed by another character after watching another movie or TV show. People should understand, first of all, that writers are actually writing that character’s personality traits with a mixture of fiction and fantasy, which is unfathomable by human beings for a longer period of time. The problem lies in the control of people’s minds. It’s okay when you’re trying to be funny by imitating these animations or live-action dramas, but once you get obsessed with the story and its puppets, you become one of the puppets and then they control you, which is not good for one’s individual personality since reality is being shadowed by fiction and fantasy.

Moreover, the same things happen while reading books. Instead of using them as a way of escapism from reality, they become the reality. People get so deep into the fictional world that they sometimes break the chain of reality and just dwell in the fantasy world. And that there is a huge red flag. When your real-life gets chaotic as a result of binge-watching online content or reading a fantasy novel, then you have to step back and think about your next steps carefully. 

Control them before they control you!

Of course, solutions are available for all things. To prevent dwelling in an illusion-based reality, why not try out making a schedule that will balance your real and reel life? Set a time or day on which you’re allowed to do those things, and don’t over-entertain them, so you’re safe from being under their control. In short, control them before they try to control you. Also, yes, this similar concept applies to social media surfing, since youngsters mostly try to imitate successful or model personalities, which sometimes get heavy on them. What you see on Instagram or Facebook is the result of years of hard work, so keep that point in mind before jumping in to trying and be like them. So, try to maintain that screen time too in order to avoid developing the wrong seeds of personality.

Be either authentic or mixed tape but not a copy!

If you really want to become like your favourite superhero, then you can research their origin story so you get the whole journey of becoming a person to superhero and, instead of following his/her every move, try to collect some good moves which fit well with your personality. Teach yourself to differentiate between what’s good and bad in general, as well as what’s good and bad for your personality. Sometimes, try to pick up a non-fiction book too to taste out your thoughts and challenge your learning so that you get improved and rewired according to what’s best for you. What usually happens is that to impress someone, people tend to get overly smart or adopt another personality totally different from their own, and as days go by, fake personalities don’t last long and the truth always reveals itself, which will ruin your impression totally. In this, not only will you find second chances very rarely, but sometimes your authentic self is so much more appropriate and genuine that you don’t need a fake one, and when another person describes that they want more like your real self, you feel guilty and embarrassed. So, better be what you are and improve those seeds already inside. Maybe some useful fertilisers are okay to rearrange your current one, but one should try to avoid developing a whole fake personality.

S Patil: 

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