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Business Platform Software Development from A to Z

Today, businesses successfully implement digital solutions and automation in their workflow. Some just get a website to expand the audience, while others go far and get a CRM to manage all the processes connected with customers. There are separate products for logistics, HR processes, sales, etc. But is there a solution that will provide all of that as an entity? Today, it is business platform software that is the closest idea to that.

What Stages the Process of Software Development Consists of

As in any software development process, there are multiple stages that form the process of business platform development. What are they? We got an answer to that question from the Euristiq team. That company provides business platform development as a service and thus, knows almost everything about it.

The very start of the process is tightly bounded with communication between the development team and the customer. That stage is connected with setting goals and developing concepts of a product that the customers needs. It is implemented in numerous interviews and sketches of what a future platform would be like. Also at that stage, the choice of technologies and tools is provided.

Then it is time for designers to start their work to make the business platform not only functional but also convenient for use. UX/UI design is a cornerstone of the whole idea of the product as it is based on user experience and how the user will deal with the product.

The direct development of the product also goes hand in hand with the development of the design, because it is necessary to think over and implement solutions for both the server side and the client side. Also, often clients need to have both a desktop version of the platform and a mobile application at once, which also affects the development process because in this case, it is necessary to choose cross-platform solutions and optimize the product for various devices.

Another part of the development process is testing the finished product. In this way, maximum functionality is achieved and at the same time, the compliance of the platform with the client’s expectations is checked.

But this is not the end. Whatever the development product, it needs to be serviced and supported. And this is also the competence of the developer and his team.

How to Optimize Costs for Software Development

For clients, it is especially important to get a ready-made platform for their business, but at the same time, not go beyond the possible budget. How to do it? We have some tips!

  • Determine exactly what functions the software you want to receive should perform. Then you will not overpay for extra features.
  • Choose a business platform, not individual products, which then need to be integrated.
  • Choose developers who guarantee fast and efficient development, as well as provide support and maintenance of the platform. Then you will not have to pay extra for the services of specialists for further software maintenance and troubleshooting.

Whom to Hire for Successful Software Development

When it comes to the need for an effective solution for business process optimization, it is especially important to make the right choice of a developer. Some risks are connected with that choice.

  • Using the right technologies for the implementation of all the requirements of a client. Some frameworks can cope with all the tasks you give a developer while others can be a wrong solution. So, it is important to apply for the services of a developer who works with multiple technologies.
  • Having experience in the development of the project for your industry. There are no one-for-all solutions when it comes to business platform software development. So, if a contractor is skilled in providing solutions for your industry it is a good omen.
  • Concluding on timelines. Most contractors require hourly rates. Thus, the more time they need for the development process, the more money you have to pay.

Do not consider a business platform software to be a magic wand but it may help you to optimize the whole business flow by using one solution.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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