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Discover B2Core V2.1 with New Trading Platform Integration, Improved UI, PSPs, and Savings Features

B2Broker has recently launched B2Core’s new massive upgrade, further improving the CRM and back-office solutions provided by the company. The V2.1 upgrade delivers on the highly anticipated savings feature, introduces a new trading platform and PSP integrations,  and significantly enhances the user experience on the platform. Let’s explore: 

Smooth UI & Peak Performance

B2Core’s V2.1 introduces a fresh user interface, major functionality improvements, and technical fixes: 

  • A withdrawal summary provides in-depth transfer details, including charges, exchange rates, and the net transaction amount.
  • Minimum deposit settings are now enforced during account creation to maintain back-office consistency. 

  • Selectors’ accounts on the Deposit, Withdraw, and Transfer pages are now categorised by type (e.g., Fiat, Coins, MT4, MT5) for easier navigation.
  • Unified Date Format ensures consistency across the platform.
  • Users can now smoothly navigate between old and new UI settings. 

Integration with TradeLocker Trading Platform

B2Core introduces TradeLocker, an innovative trading platform seamlessly integrated into the trader’s room. This addition enhances the company’s existing suite of integrated platforms, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader and B2Trader, offering brokerages a complex set of trading solutions.

TradeLocker presents a comprehensive suite of powerful trading tools and instruments aiming to cater to a wide spectrum of clients, from novices to seasoned traders. The platform is equipped with versatile features designed to support a variety of trading strategies and preferences, facilitating a seamless and efficient trading experience for brokerage clients.

​​TradeLocker integrates with TradingView to offer a sophisticated charting capability, granting users access to an extensive array of customisable charts and indicators. The platform provides traders with modern tools to manage risks effectively. 

Among its standout features are SL & TP Calculator, On-Chart Trading, One-click Trading, Trailing Stop Loss, and Social Mode, enabling traders to efficiently manage their trades engaging with the market. Users can easily develop or customise bots, signals, indicators, and strategies using the TradeLocker AI at TradeLocker Studio. 

Brand New Payment Improvements and Integrations

The V2.1 B2Core update broadens the scope for payment integrations, providing users with expanded transaction options. 

Sqala supports deposits and withdrawals in Brazilian reals (BRL). Sqala is well known for its ease of use, competitive exchange rates, and an accessible dashboard that offers all the necessary information. With Sqala, B2Broker has further expanded its diverse range of offerings, meeting and exceeding the demands of clients across the globe. 

Several new enhancements have improved and streamlined transactions: 

  • BridgerPay offers an improved deposit process within the B2Core ecosystem with an automated data fill-in feature that simplifies transaction processing. 
  • Praxis configuration has been enhanced to improve transaction security. To comply with diverse regulatory standards, you can now enable clients from various countries to submit specific documents.  
  • Clients can attach documentation for deposits and withdrawals through the constructor payment adjustments, guaranteeing maximum compliance and record accuracy. 

The V2.1 update has also restored the WireCustom and 1-2-Pay access for deposits and withdrawals, broadening the range of transfer options.

Engage Customers with Savings Feature

Finally, V2.1 introduces a savings feature that allows users to invest idle funds and earn interest over predetermined periods. Currently, savings programs support fixed savings, enabling users to earn fixed-interest rewards. Moreover, admins can access, modify, and initiate new savings programs with the presets page, effortlessly incorporating both business and client preferences. 

Users can select customisable annual interest rates and change the investment length with 30-day intervals (30, 60, or 90 days) using the savings feature, which enables flexibility across the board. Brokers can also enforce a penalty on early withdrawals to ensure stability in their savings programs. 

The savings feature is highly customisable and configurable. The annual interest earnings option will motivate the clients to retain their funds within the broker’s ecosystem. Moreover, it allows brokers to boost fund retention and liquidity within B2Core, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for all parties. 

Final Thoughts

B2Core continues B2Broker’s mission to deliver quality across all products and services, ensuring maximum client satisfaction. The V2.1 update is another evidence of raising industry standards! 

The B2Core team is already working on B2Core’s full migration to the new interface. Additionally, B2Core intends to implement flexible interest rates for savings programs. The team also works hard to add new integrations and expansions, allowing clients to enjoy a comprehensive CRM and back-office solutions suite!

Explore B2Core’s new features today and discover the benefits for your business.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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