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Why a Corporate Let Can Save Frequent Business Travellers Money

If you’re a business that has employees that travel on work often or a frequent business traveller yourself, then corporate letting agencies can save you a huge bundle of hassle, stress and money. No one likes wasting company money unnecessarily, and utilising corporate lets can help you deal with this.

With a great combination of good value accommodation, expert local knowledge, and incredibly reliable, helpful service, you can expect a much smoother stopover with a corporate let.

Huge thanks to Bath Holiday Rentals for this interview, looking at why corporate lets really can save a business money.

What Do Corporate Lettings Agents Do?

A corporate lettings agency focuses exclusively on letting properties to corporate backed tenants, families and professionals. With many obvious benefits, ranging from cheaper, more reliable properties for the tenants and professionals, to making finding the right property much easier, a corporate lettings agency essentially takes the stress and hassle out of renting a property as a professional or a business. It can be problematic finding the most suitable local, reasonably priced and ideal accommodation or property for businesses, but with great corporate lettings companies out there, the stress and hassle disappears.

Business Trip Hassles

One of the key issues when it comes to being a frequent business traveller, is additional costs. If you’re a member of a smaller business, and you’re struggling to keep a tight handle on the purse strings, then frequently finding yourself having to pay for additional things, and seeing that coming out of the business is not great.

It can be difficult and awkward to find suitably priced, local properties available on business trips, especially if you’re going to either rural or city centre locations. Trying to get decent accommodation local to where you need to be becomes either a real hassle, or insanely expensive. In major cities like London or New York, you can easily expect to pay an insane premium just for the privilege of being where you need to be.

How They Can Help

Corporate lettings companies can step in and offer a wide range of expertise, local knowledge, and corporate trade discounts for reliable custom. From their perspective, it just makes sense for them to charge business travellers substantially less, due to the reliable nature of such travellers, and repeat custom. They can undercut their competition easily, and guarantee return business from businesses, whatever accommodation is required.

Corporate lettings agents will also have a wealth of local knowledge that they can bring to the table for your business travelling needs. Things the best taxi services, knowledge of local restaurants, bars and cafes, the best routes, public transport and the like means you won’t find yourself adding random expenses and hassles to your overall bill. This can make for huge savings overall, and if you’re a small company, can make a world of difference. Plus, no one enjoys sorting through tons of receipts to reclaim cash, and being out of pocket in the meantime really isn’t great.

Developing a great relationship with a corporate lettings agency can allow for much easier business trip planning in future. No longer having to worry about random variables in hotels and restaurants, and knowing someone local has your back is very reassuring, and when you’re planning other much more stressful, time-demanding business goals and meetings, you do not want to be fussing around the mundanities of travel and local amenities and issues. The best corporate lettings agencies allow you to book quickly, easily and cheaply, providing top notch local knowledge, and, best of all, let you focus on why you’re there in the first place. Worrying about pointless little mundanities like special diet provisions, or local travel is a waste of your time, let a great corporate let sort it for you!

One of the great key tricks of business that will always hold true is automation, another is outsourcing. Avoiding micromanaging, and getting everything running as smoothly and slickly is always the aim, and utilising a top corporate lettings agency is the way to move toward that.

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