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The history of the emergence and development of gaming. How the sphere moved from a regular to an online format

Now mankind can not imagine their life without gambling and casinos, but in fact once they were forbidden and to strengthen as a stable way of entertainment, they had a huge and difficult way.

The history of casinos

Despite the fact that many of us associate the emergence of casinos with the business of the American mafia in the 20th century, the history of games goes far back in time. References to gambling, dice and cards are found in many peoples and cultures many hundreds of years ago. Some historians believe that gambling originated in 2300 BC in China. Others argue that in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians were found similar dice to the modern ones. Others cite the example of the Roman Empire, where gladiatorial fights and chariot races, contributed to the appearance of totalizators non gamstop casinos.


One of the first gambling establishments was the Casino Ridotto, which opened in 1639 in Italy. It was located to the left in the Venetian church of St. Moses and was intended to keep gambling under control during the annual spring festivities. The casino was notable for its extremely high prices and crude selection of visitors, with only the nobility allowed inside.

Later, a gambling house was opened in France by order of Cardinal Mazarini, which served to fill the coffers of the kings. It was then that the roulette game first appeared.

In the early 18th century gambling establishments were opened all over Europe. Noblemen are not ashamed to spend huge fortunes in them. Many families were ruined because of a predilection for card games. For this reason, in the late XIX century, governments across Europe begin to ban casinos and close institutions. The only place where it was allowed to play became Monaco with its famous casino Monte Carlo.


In the early 19th century the first casino opens in America. Later, in many U.S. cities opened saloons, where visitors were invited to play. The greatest love of the people is the game of Blackjack, known in our country as “Twenty-one” or “Score”, and poker. The casinos flourished until Andrew Jackson, who banned gambling in the country, took over the reins.

Since the restriction was imposed, casinos have existed for a couple of decades, but outlawed. Prohibition restricts gambling establishments everywhere, the only exceptions being Nevada and New Jersey. Nevertheless, the business of gambling is not dead, but continues to exist on Indian reservations and on ships plying the waters of the Mississippi, and certain types of games become legal in all states as time passes. Later the largest casinos would be erected in Vegas and Atlantic City. In today’s world, only Utah and Hawaii remain under complete prohibition.


Playing cards in Russia appeared in the XVII century, but immediately found themselves under a ban. At that time, people were beaten for playing with a whip, broken fingers, prescribed fines. Later card games were divided into authorized and not authorized. For authorized – Bridge and Preferance, where the winning depended largely on the skill of the player. Prohibited games included lotteries, roulette, and point.

The heyday of gambling was in the early 2000s, when a huge number of casinos began to operate across the country. But just a few years later, in 2009, a law regulating gambling business is issued and casinos are closed or moved to legally permitted gambling zones.

CIS countries

At the same time in Kazakhstan and Ukraine are coming out their own bills on banning. But if in Ukraine the complete ban of casinos according to the results of sociological survey is considered to be unsuccessful, in Kazakhstan, as well as in Russia, it means the creation of allowed gambling zones, which, in their turn, have already started functioning successfully.

Development of online casinos

Nowadays, no one will be surprised by a site where you can play gambling for free. Nowadays, online casinos are quite widespread, there are quite a few relevant sites that are already known as reliable gaming sites (for example, And if now many online casinos actively attract new users with the possibility of free games (as on the page of the already mentioned site) or all sorts of lotteries, then once such resources were a novelty for Internet users new non gamstop casinos.

The first company that started to provide online gambling services was the American game developer Playtech. The first online casino appeared in 1996, and it was called Europa Casino. It did not take long (about a year) for the first bookmaker’s office to appear, focusing exactly on the virtual sector. For the history of Internet gambling, the year 1998 was marked by the growing popularity of the respective sites among the public. This was partly dictated by the fact that many online casinos introduced such a concept into games as the “progressive jackpot”. Essentially, it is a summation and gradual increase in potential winnings. This approach quickly piqued the interest of even those who were not previously interested in gambling. In addition, interest in such entertainment is also dictated by the fact that winnings in online casinos are often much larger than in conventional gambling establishments. For example, the largest win at an online casino was $8,000,000 – an unprecedented amount for a regular casino (here, as a rule, the figures go up to $3-4 million). It makes sense, because when you open an online casino, the investment is much less (the development of even an expensive site, it is pennies compared to the purchase of furniture, staff wages and preparation of the room), and therefore the payback period is less. Accordingly, the gains can be more substantial. Among other things, the real casino you may be forbidden to play, if the administration suspects you of fraud. The sites simply do not have such a possibility technically, so everyone can play here. Even if your country has a legal ban on gambling, if the casino server is located in another country, the user can always go and play.

Now the network has more than 15,000 online resources, which have chosen to specialize in gambling. There are both world-renowned casinos and young services. One thing is certain, the interest in online casinos, even if a little decreased recently, but remains stable, which means that this area will continue to evolve.


Now the casino is a full-fledged way of entertainment and everyone can enjoy a few hours of exciting game, for this you just have to go to any online casino or go to the nearest gambling establishment.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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