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Compound Interest and Investing

Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity or to save a few bucks, compound interest rates can be viewed as a safe approach. If you are familiar with the concept of exponential growth of interest, you will have little to no trouble understanding what compound interest entails. With Sortter, you can browse through multiple investment apps and conduct your own trading app comparison to make a calculated and well thought out decision about where you should invest.

Finding the Best Trading App

When it comes to online trading and investing in the stock market, you cannot pick a favorite stock market app based on your preferences. However, you can opt for a trading app that can offer incentives and opportunities that other apps do not. Depending on your preferences and the kind of profit you want to make on your investment, the best trading app can differ from one individual to the next. Thus, the answer to which trading app is the best is entirely subjective, and there is no definitive answer.

But how do you tell which trading app is best for you? We have designed an advanced comparison tool that can assist you in efficiently comparing different trading apps and forming a conclusion about which one suits your preferences the most. All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire, and we will give you a conclusive statement about which trading app is ideal for you and why.

What are Trading Apps?

In layman’s terms, a trading app is an app that gives you unfiltered and constant access to the stock market, regardless of wherever you are. These apps are developed by trading platforms and help investors find the right stock listings for themselves. With the introduction of trading apps, there has been a shift from reliance on brokerages to independent traders. With the rise of covid and a lockdown being implemented worldwide, these trading apps saw an influx in their usage. Investment apps like eToro and Robinhood have acquired millions of users worldwide, making trading accessible for all.

Earning Through Investing

The idea behind the investment is to buy a stock and keep it with you for a specific time period. This time period differs for everyone. During the time the investors keep the stock with them, the value of the stock accumulates. Once the value reaches the investor’s desired profit level, the investor tends to sell the stock and make a profit on the difference between his buying price and the stock’s selling price.

Another approach is to buy stock in companies that tend to pay out an annual or quarterly dividend. This type of investment can result in a stable flow of income and is usually opted for by retired individuals.

Compound Interests and Investment

Investing money in a savings account can help you generate a substantial amount of compound interest. This accumulation accounts for the devaluation of your money and can also help you increase the amount that you had initially invested into your account. However, interest rates do the same. So how exactly is a compound interest different from regular interest? With compound interests, you can earn interest on the regular interest that you have earned.

The frequency with which the compounding occurs affects how quickly your profit will accelerate. In order to make the most out of compound interest rates, you should invest at an early stage in life. You can calculate the amount you’ll earn depending on the prevailing compound interest rate and then make an informed and optimal regarding whether you should invest or not. Different sites offer different rates. Thus you will have to sift through multiple options before deciding where you want to invest.


Now that you have some idea about how compound interest rates work and how they can multiply your savings, it’s time you start thinking about making an investment. With Sortter, you can compare different trading apps and choose one that can help you make the most out of your investment. Visit our site today and browse through multiple trading apps. With the ease of comparing different trading apps, multiply your savings and investments by making calculated and informed decisions today!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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