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Positive or Negative? The Importance of Finding Out

Tick tick tick goes the clock and with the striking of each new second, the possibility of a life-changing event follows closely behind. A possibility so huge we would hardly have imagined.

Approximately three years ago, about 90% of the world had no clue what Coronavirus was or if it could affect our lives in any way. Passively we scrolled past the news of an emerging virus in Wuhan but the story has changed dramatically, “the new normal” has come to stay.

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on every aspect of human life can’t be overemphasized, from global economic meltdowns to the loss of outrageous numbers of human lives staring at us right in our faces. In one way or another, practically every breathing human on the planet has or is still having a fair share of the brutal lashes of a global pandemic like none other in the course of human history. This glaring threat to human existence makes It no surprise to see governments around the world struggling to ensure humanity escapes another near extinction experience, a struggle made more complex by the unique features of the Covid 19 virus.

One unique complication of the novel Covid 19 virus that has proven to be a difficult nut to crack is the ease of infection or transmission from one person to another. Current evidence strongly indicates that the virus typically spreads between people who are within close contact with each other, typically within 1 metre. Infection passes from one person to another when aerosols or droplets that contain the virus from an already infected person are inhaled or come directly into contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth of another person. More evidence suggests that the virus can also spread in poorly ventilated and/or crowded indoor settings, where people tend to spend longer periods of time. This is because aerosols remain suspended in the air or travel farther than 1 metre. Sadly, Infection has become pegged to daily activities that highlight our humanity.

An easy way not to get infected should be to stay away from persons displaying the symptoms of the virus, sadly it’s not that straightforward as several reports have indicated that an infected person can be asymptomatic. This implies that infected people can transmit the virus even when they don’t have symptoms.

This singular fact highlights why it is absolutely important that all people who are infected are identified by testing, isolated, and, depending on the severity of their disease, receive medical care. Like in countless places over the world, covid testing in Orange Country has become a necessity to guarantee individual safety as well as that of loved ones. Positive or negative? We all owe it to humanity’s existence to find out. Let’s get tested and save the world together.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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