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How Do Free Spins Work?

Nowadays, there are many online casinos that offer a wide variety of welcome bonuses. These offers are designed to encourage potential customers to convert and enjoy a few casino games. Lots of people find such games quite entertaining and fun to play. 

This is especially true when it comes to slot games as these casino games come in many shapes and forms. There are literally hundreds of different slot games with unique themes, different numbers of reels and bonus levels that just add to the overall excitement. 

Therefore, when you come across a casino free spins offer, for instance, you can actually try some of these games for free. If you like what you see, you can continue playing should you wish to do so. If not, you can simply walk away. With that in mind, let’s have a look at how these free spins actually work. 

What are free slot spins exactly?

As mentioned before, free slot spins are a type of promotional offer designed to give players an opportunity to test out specific slot games. They usually come with a predetermined number of spins, such as 30 or 50 depending on the online casino and the offer itself. 

Once you register an account at the casino website, you’ll have to either make a deposit or not, again depending on the offer and the casino. 

Once you do that, you can play the slot games until you run out of free spins. Whatever you manage to win in the process is yours to keep. After that, you can continue to play or not, it all depends on personal preferences. 

Is there a catch?

Every welcome bonus has a catch to it. As a matter of fact, every online and land-based casino has wagering requirements attached to welcome bonuses and other promotions. In other words, when you’re done playing through your free spins bonus, you’ll have to meet certain requirements before you can actually withdraw your winnings. 

Every gambling establishment must have these requirements in place. They are not designed to cheat players but to prevent money laundering scams. Imagine just creating an account, collecting your bonus and walking away. 

You could do this an infinite amount of times by creating new accounts and repeating the process at other casinos as well. That’s why wagering requirements are in place to prevent such behavior, to begin with. 

How do these wagering requirements work?

When you see an offer that looks like 30 free spins with an x20 rollover or turnover, it means that the offer has specific requirements to it. In this particular case, you’d have to wager your winnings from 30 free slot spins an additional 20 times before you can actually withdraw them. 

Now, the specifics of the wagering requirements are always disclosed in the description of the bonus offer and everything depends on what the casino requires from you to do. 

For example, some establishments require from you to wager both your deposit and your free spins winning a certain amount of times while other offers may not require that you wager your deposit at all. 

Furthermore, some establishments will have a wagering requirement of x5 while others will have an x50 requirement. 

It all depends on the offer and the online casino you’re visiting. Last but not least, some establishments will provide a welcome bonus for a specific slot game while others will allow you to choose between multiple slot games. 

Are these offers even worth it?

Whether or not welcome bonuses with specific wagering requirements are worth it depends on the circumstances. As you may already know, slot games, like any other online casino game, are games of chance, so anything can happen. 

In most cases, you’ll break even at the end of the day because you can’t lose more than the bonus offers you, especially in free spin offers that don’t require a deposit to be made, to begin with. 

Other than that, the higher the turnover, the less chance you’ll have to make a considerable profit but even that depends on the circumstances. 

For instance, if the slot game is a progressive jackpot type of game then the more you play, the more likely you are to win the jackpot.  

That’s why it’s very important to familiarize yourself with the bonus offer and the wagering requirements that are attached to it. If you’re uncertain about any factor involved in the offer, you can always contact customer support for additional information 

Closing Words

Free slot spins bonuses offered by many casinos these days is actually a great opportunity to check some of the slot games out. It allows you to see what the slot games are all about and whether or not they’re worth your time.

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