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How to save money on broadband when moving home

Packing and moving can be a slog but getting a good broadband deal shouldn’t be.

For loads of homeworkers, broadband is vital but paying the bill for it often goes under the radar unlike gas and electric.

However, millions of people are paying more than they should because they have left contracts running after the deals expired.

If you’re moving home you need to check what speed you are getting in the new area – can you even get the provider you were on previously – and see if you can negotiate a better deal.

Moving home is the reminder we need to check what we’re paying, check available speeds and negotiate a much better deal.

Ways you can get a better broadband deal

When you do finally get the feeling that your house sale is moving, don’t forget to do these things:

Check your notice period:  – Did you know that some providers require between 14-30 days’ notice for a move – either to cancel or swap the broadband to the new house?

Check what broadband is available – You might be in for shock if you’re used to super fast Virgin but there are no cables offering such at your new home. Use a postcode checker to find out what is available.

Faster speed or lower bills? – If you work from home or download a lot of data you’ll use much more internet than other households. The more people at home, the more data you will need.

Staying with your current provider

If your current broadband provider offers services at your new address, you can stay with them however watch your existing contract for rolling over. If you move this can become part of the contract and your provider will simply switch your connection to your new address.

You may find it’s easier to negotiate a better deal on a new contract. Providers are keener than ever to retain customers so a deal could definitely be had.

Give the provider plenty of notice, book the installation for the day after moving day and everything should be fine.

To move home with your current broadband provider:

– Tell your provider the moving date and request installation for the new house as soon after as possible

– Complete paperwork required to enable the move

– Make sure you’re home on the day to allow access to the engineer if one is required

To switch providers

Switching provider when you move house is easy.

New customer offers, free gifts and other incentives are always offered to lure in new customers.

Here’s how to switch broadband provider:

– Ensure you’re out of contract with your current provider

– Use a postcode checker to see what’s available at your new house

– Decide whether you want to save money or have more speed

– Sign up to the deal that delivers best value

– Arrange installation for asap after moving house

– Make sure you’re home when the engineer visits

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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