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Creating Safer Roads: How we can follow the example of Newton Council

In the age of Uber, it is fair to say that taxi-drivers are less vetted and well-regulated than in previous generations. This is something that has generated a great deal of negative press in recent times, often to the detriment of the industry as a whole.

This is grossly unfair, however, as taxi-driving remains a long-standing and rewarding career that serves a great logistical and environmental service throughout the UK. The local Newton Council in Durham has therefore taken steps to recognise and rectify this recently, setting an example for other authorities and individuals themselves to follow in the future.

Setting the Template: How can Taxi-drivers contribute to safer roads?

In short, Newton’s local authorities have increased regulatory measures while also offering free training, theory coaching and fully-subsided transport costs to aspiring taxi-drivers within the region. In addition to creating an environment in which drivers and passengers can interact safely, these measures also empower qualified drivers to assume responsibility for their conduct and the well-being of their customers while out on the road.

One of the best ways that a driver can achieve this is by investing in a reliable vehicle that is ultimately fit for purpose. Here are some steps towards achieving this: –

Consider your Use of the Vehicle

The most important thing is to get a car that is right fit for your particular needs. By this we mean if you’re looking to support those with disabilities or do long haul travel to airports for instance, the car needs to be big enough and accommodating enough to manage this. There are plenty of SUVs from the major manufacturers to consider.

The opposite to this of course is if you’re planning on city driving or shorter journeys you might want a smaller vehicle or an estate car that is suited to these conditions and circumstances.

Check the Fuel Economy

When you’ve narrowed your search down, you should look at the finer details. The economy is an essential part as the higher the MPG the more miles you can do and the less you will spend on fuel over time (creating more money to reinvest in maintenance). Don’t just lump for a diesel car though, you should also look at small-engine petrol and hybrid models as these are often tax-free and can offer fantastic frugal driving.

Try and Secure Added Extras

Along with this, you need to look at the trim levels as again the more conveniences you can get the more comfortable and indeed professional your taxi service will be. Hands-free calling, satnavs and little touches like automatic wipers, windows and lights can greatly help you to optimise safety when you’re out on the roads working.

Shop Around for partners and experienced service-providers

Lastly, you should use the knowledge you have from your research to shop around. There are specialist taxi dealerships like Cab Direct that are worth pursuing too as such firms have knowledge of the business and can help you in your search.

So, make sure you take some of this advice and soon you could have the right taxi to suit your business’ needs. With a little luck, you’ll have this vehicle or fleet for a long time as well, once again saving you more money in

Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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