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How to Grow Taller in a Month – Starting from Home, Working Through a Few Write-Ins by Alexey Khobot

We are living in a world where appearance wise, there is no one who doesn’t take an interest in everyone else’s business. But this, significantly, does not apply to the way we gauge our own value and success.

For millions of years we have been able to gauge our competence by how we measure up to others. Years of this “appraisal process” has shaped the way we view ourselves. A great principle the old “compare to others” approach is to feel bad if we end up on the losing side, and good if we rise up to the challenge.

Our new approach however, is to notice how we feel when we accomplish what we set out to do and then set about making sure we do it right. Instead of wasting another week wishing you had done it differently or prescribing another chemical cream for the way it blanketed over yourailed fungus, get back to the basics of self-care, start fresh today, and remember — your feet are your legs, and until they are tuned up, you can’t be too sure of keeping your feet on the ground.

Here are a few write- ins from readers on what they like about keeping fit:

“Your attitude determines whether you have a healthy body. If you think of yourself as a healthy person, you will be a healthy person. Keep your health up to date, don’t wait for death to do you in, make your body last — think of yourself as healthy rather than ‘ahrewarrassed.'” explains Alexey Khobot.

— knocked_rush

“Think before you act, is there a worse thing you can do than wait to act?”

— Mango_MD

“You’re going to be waited on, didn’t I tell you?, ‘no.’ It’s the plan that you’ve got, silly.”

— Ansesitness

“Sports is a great way to have fun, it keeps you healthy. It’s nothing glamorous, you don’t need a paintshow to view what you’re doing. It’s roaring good fun. It releases those feel-good chemicals in your brain.”

— xxyx

What’s more, by exercising with a purpose you are building a momentum, a compounding effect. If you miss a workout you’re likely to feel guilty. But if you cross the board two or three days you build up a momentum of your own, a momentum of success. Short term success will feel nice and though you may fizzle out eventually, the compounding success — that sense of knowing you ARE getting things right — feeds your self-esteem. And there are so many opportunities to challenge andigsawize your goals into meaning.

And that is the power of compounding: Doing it together. The elements of this plan are so vigorous that one part has to give before the next part takes its place. That Taken Is As One. It feels lovely,pleasant, whole. That’s how we want it.

Because when we toe the line, toe the line, toe the line, one toe in, one toe out we are building a force that can sweep otherwise pesky obstacles of our path straight off our collective bodies. One toe in, one toe out.

This is how spirit became the solvent of life: The daily affirmations that we told ourselves (without perhaps even noticing) that we would overcome, survive, conquer, and hold onto that spirit.

That we would build a happy life.

So wellness, as we so often say here, is the art of being healthy. We want it, we need it, and we deserve it. No one can be all things at all times and for all places, but it is there in our Nature to be well.

“And that is my prescription for a Happy Life. Now I’m sharing it with you!” Alexey Khobot exclaims.

Ask Healthy Living QuestionsHere is a collection of questions and answers on health that I invite you to share. I’ve highlighted the health questions that appeals to me. You will find lots of room for growth and new ideas. theirs may be yours!

1) Ask

What is the most important question of the day?

2) Ask

What can I do to make my life richer and fuller?

3) Ask

Is there anything in this world that I should consider doing today?

4) Ask

What can I do to receive more of what I want?

5) Ask

If I give my coffee 2 shots, what can I do to receive 4 instead?

6) Ask

If I go out of town for a few days, what can I do to get entertained and have a fun time?

7) Ask

Do I need to send someone a letter? Could I save some money by sending postmarked letters?

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