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Democracy Has Come To Investment

The technological revolution has had a full impact on the investment universe and has favored the freedom and autonomy of the individual investor when operating in the financial markets.

The revolution of the democratization of investment is reflected in the ‘ Barometer of the digital transformation of investment in Spain ‘ published by eToro .

The study, where investment professionals from advisers to CIOS and professional investors have participated, reveals that 92 percent of the advisers surveyed are confident that technology will democratize investment.

This situation means that 94 percent of the advisers are clear about the fact that new investment vehicles will emerge and costs will be reduced thanks to digitization.

This change of scenery causes professionals to agree that new professions will also appear in the financial industry.

The new investment framework must bring with it an increase in financial education, which is key for investors to adapt to the market that is to come.

Therefore, another determining conclusion of the barometer is that training will be one of the main challenges in this democratization that is already latent.

Brokers play a fundamental role in the change and eToro is aware of this when verifying that it is the third most used platform to make investments in Spain by professionals, outside their work, and individuals.

Social investment, on which eToro is based as a unifying vehicle for the evolution of investors , is already fully known by the market.

And, 8 out of 10 advisers already know this type of investment and 71 percent of them have come to consider making social investment their way of life.

Investment professionals like the fact that other users are allowed to follow the steps and operations of other investors to become professionals in the sector and make operating in the markets their way of life.

Based on this situation, eToro has launched the ‘ Investing Time Machine ‘, a project to definitively boost financial culture. It is an interactive tool to see, for example, how much money they would have earned had been invested years ago in the company for which they show the most interest.

Thus, through this free simulation, it is intended to bring out the investor that we all carry inside. It is a didactic and interactive way of bringing markets, generally perceived as complex and inaccessible, closer to the common citizen.

The ultimate goal of this tool is to make investors aware that past returns are not a reliable indicator of future results. This is the essence of ‘The Machine’: to provide added value, but also remember that we must always inform ourselves before investing.

This content is for informational purposes only and cannot be considered investment advice or recommendation. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. CFDs are leveraged products and carry great risk to capital.

eToro is an entity regulated in Europe by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under license # 109/10 and registered with the CNMV within the Investment Services Companies section of the European Economic Area in Free Service. Your capital is at risk.

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