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Revenue Generated by Top Mobile Racing Video Game Titles

Are you wondering which industries are the least affected by the worldwide pandemic? Well, one thing is for sure, the mobile video game business continues to flourish and generate brisk business for its publishers. Considering that most people have ended up spending more time at home over the last twelve months, it was a given that sales would reach new heights.

A new blog report from Sensor Tower, a leading company that provides its customers with data and insight to help them understand the ever-growing mobile apps ecosystem, has used their proprietary Game Intelligence and Game Taxonomy products to discover the amount of money that was generated from the top five mobile racing games. As you can see the genre is very specific, but the spending is off the chart, with sales rising 24.3% YoY. The below statistics are based on data collected between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

#1 – KartRider – Rush+

At the top of the list, we have KartRider Rush+, a multiplayer racing game developed by Nexon, which boasts over 300 million players worldwide since its inception. The game has generated roughly $169 million during the period, with most of that money coming from Asian countries. If they were able to break into the lucrative US market, then this title could become even bigger.

#2 – QQ Speed

In second place we have QQ Speed, a Tencent release that generated $149 million in consumer spending. This is another multiplayer online kart racing game that sees most of its returns come from the Asian market and has a great potential to increase that number if it can crack the American market.

 #3 – CSR Racing 2

Coming closely in third place we have CSR Racing 2 which raked in $122 million. The title was published by NaturalMotion, a Zynga-owned company. The game is very popular as it allows players to custom build their own supercars and compete against players from across the globe. It was also announced that a collaboration between Universal Games, Digital Platform and Zynga would see more cars from the Fast and the Furious movies featured in the game.  

#4 – Mario Kart Tour

One of the most recognizable characters in video game history appears at number four, with Mario Kart Tour from Nintendo accumulating $93 million in spending. That amount brings the lifetime value of this trendy game at over $200 million and over 200 million in downloads. What is interesting here is the breakdown; 37.6% of spending comes from the US, Japan is second with 28% and France is third with 7%. Not surprisingly, most of the global downloads come from the Google Play store at 52.6%, while the App Store accounts for 43.8%. The title is also the second most lucrative for Nintendo, behind only the behemoth known as Fire Emblem Heroes that collected a massive $163 million.

 #5 – Crazy Racing KartRider

Finally, coming in at number five we have Crazy Racing KartRider with $48 million in consumer spending. This game is part of the same franchise as the title at number one.

A Taste of What is to Come

The popularity and the money generated from mobile apps will most certainly infiltrate other industries in the not-too-distant future. While the likes of new bingo sites online and casino operators are unable to benefit from such a windfall, as reported by, other brands in the eSports, Crypto and Wellness sector can benefit from the rise of consumer spending in subscription apps.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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