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Campervan hire firm Calico Campers urge Brits to ‘invest in the UK’

A campervan hire company has urged British holiday makers to continue injecting much-needed money into local tourism in fear that the country’s industry could take a nosedive this year. 

Calico Campers, a Cheshire-based campervan hire provider began its operation in the Spring of 2021 when travel restrictions began to ease, attracting campervan pro’s and first-timers from across Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire all looking to get away and spend long-awaited time with loved ones.

The firm, run by self-proclaimed campervan-mad couple Claire and Mark, managed to maintain a consistent five-star level of customer service throughout their entire first year of operation, with many happy campers re-booking for the 2022 staycation season in advance. 

Concern for the UK travel and tourism comes as travel restrictions for people living in the UK and returning from an overseas holiday have eased. According to recent Government announcements, those who are vaccinated no longer have to undertake tests upon arrival back into the UK. Following this announcement, Jet2 saw an increase in holiday bookings of 30%, indicating that there is certainly an appetite for Brits to be going abroad once again. 

The hope for campervan hire firms like Calico Campers lies in recent research by Sterling Insurance which revealed that 68% of Brits are set to book a campervan holiday this year. The survey also asked those who’d already hired a campervan during the pandemic if they’d do so again, to which 39% said they would. 

Encouraging insight for campervan hire firms like Calico Campers, especially as the survey outlined the main reasons why people hire a campervan as being to see more of the UK, to spend more time with family and friends, and to help their own mental health. 

Calico Campers couldn’t agree more with these reasons to hire a campervan. Co-owner Claire Havey comments;

“Although overseas travel restrictions are easing, we urge Brits to not forget about the beauty, opportunity and adventure this country has to offer. The UK has so many hidden wonders yet to be explored, and the perfect way to do this is in the comfort of a reliable, hassle-free home on wheels. We can’t recommend it enough.”

Exploring the UK by road is something that isn’t advocated enough, but is something that brings huge financial benefits to the UK economy. 

The travel and tourism industry took a significant economic hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, and last year as UK travel restrictions eased, it became apparent how easy and enjoyable a staycation was with more Brits than ever embarking on a road trip of their own. 

Tourism-dependent places like Cornwall, Devon, the Lake District and Scotland were inundated with holidaygoers all flocking to enjoy what this country has to offer. Although some grumbles and complaints were received, all in all it was a positive boost to the country’s economy. 

Firms like Calico Campers are now on a mission to promote and advocate local travel experiences. It was recently reported that Jet2 saw a 30% spike in overseas holiday bookings since the recent Government announcement whilst Kent’s visitor numbers lowered by 61% in 2020 compared to the previous year. So it’s up to travel experts to ignite the spark for UK holidays. 

Campervan hire providers Calico Campers suggest there’s no better way to do this than in the safety and comfort of a campervan. Especially because as they warn, the constantly changing Coronavirus situation could put a stop to the ease of overseas travel. 

Co-owner Claire Havey continues;

“Going abroad could be a real headache for people, whether you’re vaccinated or not. Your holiday could still be rearranged or worse, cancelled. We’ve seen it happen so many times already since the Covid crisis began. Instead, consider the wonderful places this country has to offer, places that are perfect for half-term, Easter and summer holiday getaways.

“Campervan hire providers like us at Calico Campers offer a free Covid-cancellation policy which just gives peace of mind to those booking with us. We don’t believe that our customers should have to pay for a situation that is completely out of their control.

“Hiring a campervan with your family and hitting the road is a holiday like no other. Not only will you have a hassle-free adventure, you’ll be supporting your country’s hard-hit travel and tourism industry and supporting local businesses like ours. Whether you’re a seasoned campervan pro or a first-timer, we’re here for you.” Calico Campers have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about campervan hire.

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