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A comprehensive guide to Buying & Designing Black Curtains

Curtains play an important role when it comes to designing the interior. They provide your place with a much-needed look and help to transform it effortlessly. They add a pop of color and pattern to the windows, making them a focal point of your place. There comes a wide variety of curtain colors, fabrics, styles, and patterns which allow one to choose freely that complements his/her place. People opt for all colours when buying window panels but avoid black curtains because of their striking and dark shade.

Some people think that black curtains are too extravagant to add to their place, while others believe that black looks odd as it is associated with gloom and sadness. Well, it’s a misconception; if seen logically, black colour is associated with power, strength, mystery, elegance, formality, and sophistication. So do the black curtains indicate; they are the best way to bring depth & variation to the windows. This article aims to provide you with an essential guide to buying and designing them to help you go for a big transformation by adding them to your place.

Let’s begin with the buying guide…

Construction material: The very first thing you need to consider is the construction material. Curtains come in fabric as well as polymer materials where both offer specific features. When it comes to choosing between both, cloth panels are the best Go-to choice because they are environment friendly and help you achieve the formal look completing the rest of the elements of your place. The thick and heavy black fabric helps to block the light entirely from entering your place and achieve the perfect darkness, which provides you with a temperature balanced, secured, and comfortable place. Heavy black curtains provide the user with a comfortable sleeping environment by extracting excessive light as well. You can also choose lightweight black cotton panels combined with a light coloured sheer panel.

Design & size: once you’ve chosen the fabric material, the next step is to select designs. There come solid black and printed panels with beautiful floral & jacquard prints. If you are a beginner and don’t have an idea which design to go for, opt for plain and solid panels. Next comes the size; you’ll find all standard sizes in the market, including full length, window sill length, & half of the window panel length. The size depends on your budget because the more significant the size, the more expensive the panels will be. We’ll recommend you to buy full-length panels that are double in width as your window for an ideal designer look.

Heading style: the overall look of curtains dramatically depends on the heading type. There exist eyelet, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, tab top, grommet, reverse pleat, weave pleat, & red pocket headings among which eyelet, pencil pleat, and pinch pleat are widely used. Eyelet panels have metal, wood, plastic, or glass rings at the top that runs across the width. These rings have a diameter of 30mm typically and are mounted at an equal distance app. Three inches from each other. This results in deep and evenly distributed pleats. This heading allows an easy adjustment of panels according to need. At the same time, pinch pleat and pencil pleat curtains are usually fixed and don’t allow the user to open or close them completely. They come with ties and strings that are used to keep them open.

The choice of heading depends on one’s personal preference and the look he/she wants to achieve. For instance, if you’re going to create a formal look, you should opt for heavy fabric pencil pleat or eyelet curtains, whereas lightweight eyelet or pinch pleat panels are recommended for casual use.

Designing ideas

Hang high above: For modern and contemporary looks, hanging the panels high above or from the ceiling is widely practiced. This only helps you make the windows appear broader and wider and creates an illusion of a spacious and bigger place. If you are out of budget or have very high ceilings, hang them 10-12 inches above the window track and end them 1-2 cm above the floor. Also, extend the rod 5-7 inches on both sides for a perfectly balanced look.

Layer up: Black curtains can look overwhelming if you are crowded or decorative interiors. To balance the look and reduce the glaze of black, it’s a better idea to combine it with any neutral panel & layer up your curtains. Any colour, either white, off-white, vanilla pink, duck egg, beige, or any other, will go well against the black. The key to choosing the best colour that complements your place is to select the base colour of your interior. Other than fabric panels, roller blinds and Roman shades can also be used for a chic and balanced look.

Let the panels touch the floor: a common mistake that most people make without realizing is buying store-bought curtains without measuring the size of their windows, which results in a messy look. Doing this makes the chances of smaller or larger panels very likely. For a perfect and tailored look, always measure the size before buying & opt for extra-large panels that slightly puddle or kiss the floor when hanging indoors. If you hang them outdoors or to the windows where there is significant traffic, you can hover the panels 1-2 inches above the floor. This rule applies to homes, offices, cafes, and theatres.

Accessorise: plain and solid panels often tend to add a mute accent to the place. To balance it, one can add metallic tie-backs or hangings. Decorative finials and rods are also a go-to choice. Always remember that silver or gold finials and tiebacks are best for achieving a designer look on a limited budget.

Places to Buy From

We are listing three of our favourite bedding companies to buy the black curtains from;

Imperial Rooms: Imperial rooms is a bedding company that has been selling top-notch bedding products as well as premium quality curtains for the past decade. When it comes to black curtains specifically, you can find blackout curtains, embossed curtains, jacquard curtains, and crushed velvet curtains at  Imperial Rooms.

Oxford Homeware: It is another bedding company based in the UK. Oxford Homeware is also selling bedding products for a decade. You can find the matching bedding sets and black curtains from Oxford Homeware. Moreover, you’ll discover crushed velvet and blackout curtains in black colour at this company. We love most about this company because its products are made from premium quality material that makes them last longer.

BedBasics: Last but not least, BedBasics is another go-to choice if you’ve been looking for black curtains at affordable rates. Like Imperial Rooms and Oxford Homeware, BedBasics is also a UK-based company that has been dealing in bedding and curtain products for over a decade. It offers high-quality black curtains with both contemporary eyelet & traditional pencil pleat headers in all standard sizes & trendy designs.

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